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Gulabo Sitabo Review-- A perfect Melodrama For the Weekend.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

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Gulabo sitabo a beautiful Melodrama released directly on the ott platform Amazon prime. It‘s one of the few Indian movies to be released directly in online due to the COVID crises. Let's see how the film is.

As the title means two quarrelling puppets Gulabo and Sitabo.The movie revolves around the quarrel of two men Mirza (Amitabh Bachchan) and Baankey (Ayushmann Khurrana). Mirza a miser who takes cares of Fathima Haweli (A mansion). The Haweli belongs to his Wife (begum) who is nearly 15 years elder to him. He waits for her death to get the property under his name. Baankey a tenant who fails to give the 30rs monthly rent and threatens Misara whenever he tries to ask the rent. So Mishra tries to get rid of the tenants with the help of Lawyer Christopher. Baankey on the other hand with the help of the Archeology department tries to outsmart Misra. Who has won at last? Did Misara get the Haweli? Did Bankey Won? Let’s watch the film and get answers.

The Haweli setup was outstanding in the Art department ( Pradip Jadav ) & (Harshavardhan Purohit) has worked very well in setting up every part of the place. Even the properties on the frame speak the dialogue. The detailing of the set is so good that you will feel like you are in a very old historic building. Especially Ayushman portion where he stays with his mother and three sisters. How they sleep in the small room and how they converse among themselves. The aerial and wide-angle shots of the Haweli are breathtaking. Even the lighting used is apt a dark shade and a Zero watts bulb showing how the environment will look like.

The streets of Lucknow was captured with its soul. The background score ( Shantanu Moitra) was like cutting cheese is so smooth and will make you feel the essence of every scene. The actors have done a splendid job throughout the movie. Especially, Amitab Ji, there are no words to express how he pulled the character well. In the entire he will Walk like a hunchback he will see a little bit tilted. He carried the mannerism throughout the movie. The dialogue delivery for the 78-year-old man he done well. There are several sequences where we will forget he is Amitab Bachan you will only See Mishra on the screen. The old lady who played his wife was very charming and sarcastic. The character build of Mishra was so enjoyable. Ayushman on others hand-done again a great job. But shinning with Amitab on the same frame needs great homework and practise. Both had fought between themselves and gave a stunning performance. The other main characters also have done a good job I don’t want to mention them I will leave it, So you can enjoy their performance.

The film is very slow-paced. During the First half, it was not moving as intended, But that also adds some beauty to the film. If the first half moved fast it could be more convenient for the audience. The End portions depict how some we don’t know about the value of things which was near and easily accessible. The director had done a good job in displaying what he had intended to show. Directed by: Shoojith Sircar

Written By: Juhi Chaturvedi Verdict: If you ignore the pace of the film it will give a lite hearted feel at the end. Platform: Amazon prime.

Bingeopedia rating : 3 / 5

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