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Good news for the sonic fans.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Credits: Comic Book Movie

Yup, the Production house has announced the sequel is on the cards. So, What new characters can we expect? If we consider the Mid credit scenes of the movie, Robotnik was in the mushroom planet he was trying to escape and Tails was searching for Sonic in Earth. So, We can expect a lot of Jim Carrey in the sequel. The introduction of Tails (Miles) has won many hearts. So Tails will accompany Sonic throughout the movie as a great duo. An interesting thing is we might see Knuckles as an evil sidekick with Dr Robotnik. As in the game, he would be Sonic rival and enemy, later he would team up with sonic as per the story. But let see what the creators are going to do. Dwayne the rock Johnsson has expressed his love towards Sonic with his tweets and he even offered to do a cameo in the previous one. So can rock play as Knuckles? Who wouldn’t want the Hercules to be in their movie? If rock presence is confirmed they can easily build a franchise on quoting his name. We would like to see some glimpse of Shadow the hedgehog. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Comment your vision. Do follows us on our social media profiles.

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