• Muthukkumaran B

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 launched now

The long awaited new season of Fortnite is finally here. Fortnite chapter 2: season 3 launched a couple of hours ago and you can check out the launch trailer below.

From the device event early in the week, we saw that the agency, the central building in the island was destroyed replacing the electrical storm used to describe the circle with a wall of water which can drown the players. Now, the aftermath of that event is revealed with the new playing area dominated by water. Most of the portions of the map is now submerged in water, with the trailer showcasing a waterworld style city and the ability to go water skiing.

The locations that have been removed or submerged in the water are Slurpy swamp and weeping woods. Now travelling through boats seem more plausible than earlier seasons. There are also addition of new enemies called marauders.But, It seems the flooding is not permanent.

One more notable mention is the addition of Aquaman as a playable skin, although you need to spend cash on a battle pass. The other character is called kit, a tiny kitten riding a motorcycle that also powers a mech suit.

Chapter 2: season 2 debuted a long time back on Feb 20th, with even our world being changed beyond recognition by the ongoing covid pandemic. In line with that fortnite is also evolving. Despite the long wait for season 3, fortnite has captured imaginations of players worldwide with the device event being attended by 12 million players live.

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