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FIFA 20 - Style and substance

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

One of the common criticisms aimed at EA's FIFA series is that it prefers style over substance, compared to it's main competitor. But in my hours of playing FIFA 20, I could say that the gameplay feels much more refined and needs more skills learning curve than needed in previous versions.

Image credits: EA sports

Certainly, the gameplay AI has been tweaked to a lot more balanced setting and the opponent AI has been buffed with some nerfs to the player AI. Consider this, the opposition defence is a bit harder to get by, as they feel organized, while your own defense, when the opposition is attacking, will stand there ball-watching, while only the player controlled by you will be defending. Which is certainly a big concern in terms of gameplay. But where FIFA20 shines brightest is while attacking, where the sheer variety of the skills and the bumped up opposition AI, makes it more of a challenge. You can't really just burst through with pace single-handedly like previous versions, doing a great attack needs teamwork and the reward when scoring a goal feels more fulfilling.

It's not just that though, there is a completely new mode named VOLTA football available now. This is a refreshing take on street football with so much customization options available. You can play 3v3, 5v5 and create a set of new rules altogether. There is also a single player mode available like a career mode, which is a fun one to play around with. There are different stadiums available ranging from artificial courts to street courts with a wide range of peppy music to which you can play with, which makes VOLTA a crazy and colorful experience. As someone who regularly loves to play in Futsal courts in weekends, I found VOLTA particularly enjoyable.

Image credits: EA sports

And career mode now feels more encompassing with press conferences, player manager chats more frequent and where you can also choose your responses. These responses affect how the career progresses which makes it an especially fun addition. I haven't played FUT much, but the number of microtransactions have been reduced, meaning you don't need to spend a ton of money to have a fun experience in FUT. However, if you really need a superstar team in FUT, you have no other option than to splash the cash.

FIFA20 cover star this time is Eden Hazard, and La Liga has seen some love from the creators of FIFA20 with much more coverage in terms of trailers and in-game cuts. The graphics are top notch with much more immersive experience with a smoother ball travel and animations.

Overall, FIFA20 is a fun title with a lot of improvements in gameplay and features that it is nearing the complete package.

Available in : PC, XBOX, PS4

Publisher : Electronic Arts

Bingeopedia rating : 4/5

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