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The End of the F***ing World: Review- The series which broke all the barriers of a teen drama.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

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The End of the Fu**ing world, this flick is basically based on a critically acclaimed novel of the same name. This series was not noticed when it aired but slowly it developed fame and had a decent audience in the season two premiere. Let’s see what it’s about. Season 1: James a 17-year-old thinks he’s a psychopath and his dream is to kill someone. Alysa a boss minded, a self-centric and arrogant teen girl who wants to leave her mom and the town. Alysa likes James and she persuades him to leave the city with her. James also likes the plan so he can kill Alysa somewhere nice and peacefully. What happened in their journey? Did James kill Alysa? Did they survive the road trip? Did both of them fell in love? what tragedy happened in the house?

There are a lot of minds disturbing twists in this season. The first conversation between James and Alyssa was so different. This single scene broke all the teen drama templates. From that sequence, you will feel that this series is something different. The characterisation of James as a person he cannot feel anything so he turns into a Psycopath was well written and executed. On the other hand, Alysa who has a bad mom and due to her mother’s influence how she has changed. James hitting his father to steal his car and the voiceover used was awesome. There is a lot of voice-over throughout the series which helps in moving the plot. After the chaos in the house which they broke the plot is heated up and it was a great high point of the show. After the cop investigation and chase was similar to several movies and the end was perfect and it was a good starting point for the series. Season 2: After the police incident Alyssa and her mother went to her aunt’s place. Where she fells in love with Todd and was about to marry him. Our James got released and lost his father and was searching for Alyssa and finds her a day before her wedding. After seeing James Alyssa feels after the weeding with they go on for a road trip. But on this trip, they have a companion Bonnie who wants to kill them. Bonnie has a backstory with the chaotic house incident. She is somehow connected and likes to take revenge. Did Bonnie kill them? Did James and Alyssa express their feeling? Why Bonnie got involved? What is the incident that connected them all? The characterization bits this season would be better than the first season. The Creators has taken voice over as a tool to convey the emotions of the characters which was all over the series. The wedding costume of Alyssa was different as she was wearing working black shoes with white sock was my favourite, The love dialogues for our psychopaths was different, The trio ( James, Alyssa and Bonnie) has done a good job. This one is a short series which you can easily binge. You won’t regret watching it. of Bonnie was made well a pathetic girl who longs for love. A person who blinds believes in the loved ones. One who can do anything for love. Naomi Ackie has made great justice to the characters. The tense in the screenplay at the starting starts to drop in the middle and then w have a dramatic end with some nail-biting moments. If they concentrated on the off Verdict: A Psychotic Dark comedy which will impress you and makes you laugh, A new era love story. Bingeopedia Rating: 3.25 / 5 No of episodes: 16 Duration: 25 minutes (average)

Platform: Netflix

Content for: 18+

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