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Dil Bechara Review– a Fitting Farewell

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“Let Everything Happen to you Beauty and terror

, just keep going no feeling is Final”

Rainer Maria Rilke (Jojo rabbit)

Humans of All have the tendency to reel in the past and Try to simulate the different Possibilities of an event that may result in happiness/sorrow depending on the event we can term it’s as “Emotional Paradox”.

So recently we could see a wave of Anti-suicidal messages on the Demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Where everyone Become a version of Wendy Rhoades and amidst this storm, his last Movie was released on Hotstar with Sushant playing a Cancer Laden student (Manny) who is as alive as Michael Jackson’s Performance, falls in love with Kizie Basu (Sanjana Singh) who also suffers from the Wrath of Cancer.

The story though is a Tell-tale about Cancer patients it offers two entirely Different Perspectives, which is neatly conjured at the End. The background Score is mesmerizing (though some northern Bach’s may disagree) and tells us the story through Sound Cues. Kizie’s Life-routine is turned upside down and the tempo is set up and running after she meets Manny.

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The lead role is played perfectly by Sushant, whose mannerisms resemble Vijay’s role in Sachin. We could find references to me earl and dying girl a wonderful movie about a Cancer kid and their Friends. There is a Scene Where Sushant Wants to Foresee his Eulogy, Which in straight is the initial Scene where we could witness the Kizie’s intro from a Cremation, where she wants to get through the feelings that their family after her fight with Cancer ends.

The camera-Angles in Certain Scenes were Jaw-Dropping as to the Scene of a lake, where Silence and the Visuals Give Hope to Kizie

Sahil said, Manny’s friend in the movie, where he seems to have a magical effect on the Lead pair’s chemistry. And Saif Ali khan (Aftab) the Mystery Soulful Singer on whose Quest Manny and Kizie realize the True Root Cause of his Song and the Reality that beckons them.

The Thalaivar Rajinikanth Worshipping that the Bo0lloywood often get wrong is yet again in the same note. The movie at the end felt too soon to be over, which I feel is the Director’s Motive to keep us guessing the Emotional Paradoxes and the Sufferings, through our Process.

A Fitting End to one of the Brightest Talents and Irony is that he seemed to endure the pain of his suffering at his Final Movie, and his silence in his eyes conveyed a thousand stories. And it’s “Seri illa”, Sushant we will miss you.

Verdict: Heartwarming story with strong performance make this a sweet encounter. Bingeopdeia urges you to watch this wonderful masterpiece.

Available on: Disney+&Hotstar.

Content rating: 3+ Bingeopedia rating: This movie is so special so we don't want to give any rating. It's simply beyond any marks.

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