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Dark season three trailer out now

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

When there is an Adam, there must be an eve, right?

From time immemorial, humanity's fascination with time and love has been ever present. It has been represented in every other art-form we have created. What exactly will happen when that fascination turns to obsession. A desire to control time itself, but nobody can wield that power, right?

Image credits: Netflix

As a community, we were waiting for someone, who could be able to create a comprehensive take on time and love in an epic story, to be able to show these unquantifiable forces in a new light. It's finally made possible in dark(no pun intended). When dark, Netflix's original German language Sci-Fi show was released a couple of years ago, people lapped it up like a bear who found a beehive. And the second season poured oil to that fire.You can check Bingeopedia's review of dark here. Now dark has become so famous, that an online poll conducted by rotten tomatoes has this as Netflix's best original show. Now, after an excruciating wait we were finally able to see the trailer for the third and final season. At the end of season two, we found Martha who is from a different universe taking Jonas and escaping into a Higgs portal.

From the trailer, it can be inferred that there is indeed two universes in dark, and the parallel universe's Martha is experiencing the same things as the Jonas of this universe. Interesting concept where the happenings of one universe affects the other. It seems like the cycle is repeating in both the universes and we will be able to explore the beginning of this cycle this season. The characters still are trapped in time's clutches, like a stringed puppets made to move by their masters whim. The heartbreaking scene where Martha says she has to chose between her world or her love made a twang. The loss of a loved one can push anyone over the edge and we see the motives of Adam and why he wants to end the cycle will he shown in the finale, I guess. The hype is real and the mind bending story will no doubt captivate us once again. Tune in to Netflix on June 27th to watch the final cycle unfold.

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