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Netflix's Dark review - Pitch black thriller series

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Do we have free will or are we just puppets dancing to the tune of an unknown puppeteer. Dark is a German language thriller, where the characters aren't just shaded with a grey tone, they have been colored in pitch black with specks of white. There's cheating wives, cheating husbands, falling dead birds, creepy sounds from a cave and missing children. The reason why the children are missing and who kidnaps them and their motive forms the thick of the story. Dark is like an oppressive blanket smothered over you, that makes you suffocate in its cruelty. The story takes place in Winden, a German town with a nuclear power plant, which plays a crucial role in the story. I know what you are thinking, is it like Chernobyl? Nope, dark is totally different. the people of Winden, at first glance seems nice and living a good life. But beneath that warm facade, everyone is being manipulated by someone else. And they are all caught like little insects in a spiders web awaiting their cruel turn of fate, even if they know what is going to happen. Only here, the spider is also caught in another bigger l spiders web, and so on. The twists and turns are so clever and mind boggling that you will want to binge watch it, before doing anything else. Sure, it does make you feel depressed with its setting and the story, but you will not want to miss it. In that sense it is like a drug, you know it is not good for your health, but once you become addicted to it there's no going back. You are drawn like a moth towards the light, only here it is dark. The cinematography and the music intensifies the oppressive feel. If possible watch dark in a big screen with a surround sound to experience true terror.

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Verdict : Amazing scientific thriller exploring interesting concepts. Go for it

Available in : Netflix

Bingeopedia rating : 4.5/5

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