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COCKTAIL – Even Yogi babu could not save this disappointed drink

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Cast : Yogi babu , Mime Gopi , Reshmi Gopinath

Genre : Comedy, thriller

Direction : Vijayamurugan

Oneliner : Yogi babu and his friends woke up and found a girl lying dead in their room. They try to dispose the body and find out Who killed the girl. Another set of confusions arises when they get mixed up with smugglers stealing idol.

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Comedy thriller genres require correct placement of comedy by not disturbing the thrill created by the movie. Yogibabu’s Cocktail messes up in this process. Yogibabu is a hair dresser who along with his three friends have a night of fun boozing as one of his friend Anbu is about to get engaged to his girlfriend who is the daughter of a police officer. When they woke up they remember nothing and eventually found a girl dead near to them. On the other hand, an idol smuggler tries to transfer an idol worth many crores. These two plots mix up and creates more confusion . Finally what happened and who killed the girl is answered.

Neither comedy nor thrill part works out in the movie. The film plot slightly resembles to that of Hangover but the former’s execution was poor.Yogi babu comes up with many one line counters throughout still it doesn’t makes us laugh. A tension moment is created then and there and When we expect what’s next ,some unnecessary comedy puts us down. Sometimes, the comedy sequences becomes irritating and deviates you completely from the plot.

Even Double meaning comedies sometimes become too raw and the conversation about one of the friends’s wife makes the scene unpleasant. The title card of the movie was something different and enjoyable. The mixing up scenes reminds us of many old Tamil movies and nothing is new in this OTT release. Same style of comedy from Yogi babu is a bit disappointing

VERDICT : Messed up movie completely testing your patience




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