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Christopher Nolan turns 50: When blockbusters turn emotional rides

A movie has a core theme or a one liner, around which layers upon layers of story and characters are added to give you the complete picture. But, if the layers added are added in an incoherent manner, it is called nonlinear narrative. A nonlinear narrative has different moments in a story arranged like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and when you see the finale, all the pieces come together and voila! you get the complete picture. Christopher Nolan is a master in the nonlinear screenplay with almost all his movies following this structure. He is a man who likes to play with concepts like time and space, but all his movies always have an emotional undertone which binds the whole story together. He understands the fact that human beings are emotional creatures above all and they need to build a connection with a character to be invested in what happens to that character. And once that connection is established, he weaves a magic of dreams and time and space into the story to make masterpieces. Nolan celebrates his 50th birthday on 30th July, and we at Bingeopedia look at some of his greatest movies to celebrate the genius filmmaker. The movies are ordered in no particular fashion and we believe all of his movies are worthy of a mention here. But we only chose our favorite movies in this list.


Interstellar is a dystopian space opera that captures the essence of Nolan at his absolute best. The movie is about a quest to find other habitable worlds by traveling through a wormhole, because earth has turned into a wasteland of dirt and dust and people are suffering a food crises. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway play the lead roles. Although there are grand concepts like wormhole, tessaract, time travel and fourth dimension, the movie is tied together by the father daughter love between Cooper and his daughter Murphy. And this emotional connect makes this movie closer to your heart than any of the brilliant scientific concepts explored here, because, unless you can connect with the characters, you will never feel anything for them, and Nolan is a master of making audiences connect with the characters.

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Inception is an espionage action thriller movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page in the lead roles. The movie is about a thief named Cobb, who operates as an espionage agent for his suitors by stealing information from the subconscious mind of his targets by infiltrating their dreams. The movie starts, when a businessman approaches Cobb, not to steal someone's idea, but to plant his own idea into his rivals mind. And by diving into subconscious, Nolan is creating opportunities to explore deep into his character's psyche, and the addition of Cobb's deceased wife as a subconscious personality created by Cobb as a mechanism of coping with losses is the cherry on top of inception. This is one of the must watch movies due to its mind bending concept and surreal script which keeps dropping deeper and deeper into the dreamworld, literally.

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The dark knight rises

Dark knight rises is the final movie in Nolan's Batman trilogy, that gave rise to DCEUs morbid creations helmed by Zack Snyder, who was inspired by the dark and almost psychopathic setting explored by Nolan. However, nobody was able to recreate the magic that Nolan was able to create in his batman movies, with Christian bale giving a superlative performance and Tom Hardy acting as the perfect foil as Bane. The visual effects and original setpieces used in the movie gives it a distinctive edge over green mat technologies used in other movies. The well made ending acts as a cherry on top of the cake.

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The Prestige

This masterpiece, about the rivalry between two budding magicians and the length they go to one up each other, works because of the brilliant screenplay that keeps us hooked throughout. Starring Hugh Jackman and Christian bale as the rival magicians, the story is interwoven with elements of genuine loss, friendship, betrayal and ambition, with the performance of the actors elevating each scene. By exploring the magic and magicians lives in his distinctive style, and by creating a suspense thriller, Nolan shines once again.

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The dark knight

The jewel in Nolan's crown, the dark knight, aided by a superlative performance from Heath ledger as the clown prince of crime in Gotham City, revived the floundering superhero movie genre and provided the genre with a brilliant head wind along with the MCU. By taking the movie away from the familiar superhero tropes, the movie instead focused on the Supervillain Joker, and his sociopathic imprints on the city of Gotham. By making the movie an action crime thriller, Nolan redefined the genre. And the death of Heath ledger after his performance and his posthumous academy award win, made the movie steep itself in myth. This movie follows Batman Begins, which kickstarted the trilogy and pushed the movie into superstardom. It is rated as one of the greatest movies ever made in IMDb, and if you still haven't seen this movie, now is a great time.

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