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C/O Kancherlapalem Review:A realistic Drama with much needed Message

Director MahaVenkatesh C/O Kancherlapaalam is a realistic and beautified love stories of different age groups with applied religious tragedies . This movie is a tale which depicts the fact that love has no age. Even the love story of a 50 years Raju is a wonder site for the viewer. Even the love of a prostitute Shalima brings a pain in one’s heart when it got dismantled. One can feel love has no age, no religion, no societial status through the realistic depiction of Maha Venkatesh. The movie movie starts with the song which questions you about the meaning of life as Raju starts his morning with walk and yoga.

All the four love tales-School life of Sundharam and Sunitha , Young Joseph with a Hindu girl Bhargavi, 30 year Old wine shop worker so called Gaddam( a man with beard ) fall in love with a muslim Saleema , colleagues Raju and Radha mutually falls in love with each other breaking the barriers of age. Every tale seems to be happening parallelly( may be not) has a never ever seen before very fresh and realistic content.

Raju, a unmarried oldman also an attender in a government office falls in love with Co-senior worker Radha. People in kancherlapaalam are very fond of Rajus marriage. Some people questions his virtality and some people call him as Gay as they found some difference in Raju’s activities and they hold a locality meeting meeting to discuss what stops him from getting married. Radha’s daughter plays a short but a cute role as she being the catalyst for her mother’s marriage with Raju. When asked reason for his unmarried life, Raju with a smile says “it happens” but one can exclusively feel the pain behind his smile and words

Another story fall on school life of Swetha and Sundharam. Though feels unnecessary in beginning has a large impact in upcoming story to come. Sundharam , son of a stuttering statue maker falls in love with Swetha, a shy little girl. Sundaram stinging for an opportunity to grap attention of Swetha. Sundharam took annual day as an opportunity to get close to Swetha by teaching her how to sing. A stuttering idolman, called best artisian in village keeps all his investment on making the idol of Lord Ganesha so that he could get recognition and encouraging funds

A religious story of Joseph and Bhargavi makes audience to wonder how religions had been a bitter villain for such stories. In the story of wineshop worker so called Gaddam and Saleema, religious value seems no importance to him as he didn’t think for a second before agreeing for religious conversion.

One of the best dialogues in film the film, a mother in her 40s asks her daughter what is the point of talking Feminism if she cannot accept her mother to get second chance in marital life. So what finally happens, who got success and who failed is all the story is about. A school boy believes that his belief in God is the catalyst to gain love, a manager believes on equality as she asks fellow attender to sit beside her breaking communal status, a wineshop worker believes her lover occupation has no job to decide the purity of love . All these beliefs plant a thought on viewers mind to visit kancherlapaam once in a lifetime. The Cinematography by Varun Chapekhar and Adithya Javvadi and music of Sweekar Agasthi keeps you travel through the charecters and makes you to feel as you are a part of kancherlapaalam village.

Verdict: If you are not a person with religious and communal minded, then C/O Kancherlapaalam is an opportunity to know about the sweetest people

Content Rating:13+

Where to Watch:Netflix

Bingeopedia Rating:3.5/5

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