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Bulbbul Review--Is this a Horror Flim?

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Anushka Sharma's CleanSlate Flims is keen on developing a new genre called Female Supernatural films. As after their initial Production of Phillauri and Pari this movie is also about a female Chudail(Witch). Even all their movies are female-centric ones.

This movie opens up in the year 1881 in Bengal Province. Where a marriage takes place between a Small girl (Basically a child) with a much older man. On the way back to the Groom’s home Bulbbul spends time with Sathya who is her brother in law. He starts telling a story and they become close. In the First night setup, she finds some other grown man entering and she asks him where’s Satya then finds the grown man is her husband. Then a sudden 20 year Jump Satya is returning from London after his studies. During this period many murders are happening in the city because of some Devil. And many mysterious things had happened in his family also. So Satya is on a quest to find the Mystery.

Did Satya find the Devil? Did he find the mystery in his? Did we get scared?

The Performance of all the actors is brilliant. Especially Tripti Dimri has done a flawless job. She’s was there in 80% of the frames and did give miss-hit. Avinash Tiwari has done justice to his role as Satya. Rahul Bose as usual done a Phenomenal work in playing the twin brother character. Paoli Dam as Binodhini has brought cunningness into the character. In a sequence where she delivers the dialogue in a hushed tone was simply superb. The relationship between Satya and Bulbbul had been portrayed very well. The background score of Amit Trivedi gives us chills. He had elevated and try to convey the emotions by his music. The cinematography was superb. The usage of Red colour for mysterious and scary mode. Blue shade for the melodrama and transition portion was good. They even turned the Moon red. The director Avinta Dutt has sculpted Bulbbul character very well.

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The main drawback of the film is it didn’t fit into the perfect Genre. As we were expecting a ghost thriller it turns into a half baked supernatural ghost story. There where no Jump scares or edge of the seat thriller sequence throughout the film. Because of the beautiful performance of actors, the film gets decent applause. The director could have concentrated more on the story than the Feminstic portions. The Supernatural portions didn't work well and VFX was not up to the mark.

Verdict: Bulbbul a confused genre film but nearly escapes with the actor’s performance. If you are a horror movie fan it will fail to impress you.

Available on: Netflix.

Content rating: 18+

Bingeopedia rating: 2.5 / 5

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