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After inspiring us from Mental Mathilo, director Vivek Athreya joins hands with Sree Vishnu in a fun fest Brochevaravaru Ra under the banners of Manyam Productions. The story contains two different plots which develop in a parallel manner. The plot revolves around a girl and her three friends, three criminals, a promising director and an actress who tends to intersect each other due to a crime…..So what is the crime? Who did it? Who suffers? Because of whom? These questions form the plot of the movie

The two tales of the plot have a director (Satya Dev) narrating a story to an actress (Nivetha Pethuraj) which flows in a breezy tone with romantic and cute cuts on one end. On the other end, three intermediate students who are too old for 12th standard claiming themselves as R3-batch tends to help their classmate (Nivetha Thomas) who wants to become a dancer but needs tragic support to escape from her strictly characterized dad. As the movie drives, one can get the feeling as Vivek Athreya deserves a full round of applause for selecting a crystal matching cast who brings out their natural acting

Nivetha Thomas pulls off her career peaching performance overshadowing others in each and every frame. Brochevaravaru Ra is the doorstep reminding us she’s going to be the finest women performer in upcoming years. Special Kudos to the director for providing the convincing screen space even for minor roles. The story moves in such a way that it makes the viewers wonder whether the narration of Sathya Dev in one tale is actually unrevealing the second tale of Nivetha Thomas and R3 gang (but it was not). The story takes the wiping turn when R3 gang join hands with Mithra (Nivetha Thomas) to crap money from Mithra’s dad with initial kidnapping plan emerges as a success but lands four in trouble and how others are affected as a result of their plan. As whole money becomes the basic factor for all fun-filled twist and turns to be happen

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The misery of the film broke out to be too much of coincidence brings out the thought that the director seems to be covering the loopholes dug by himself. But very dedicated screenplay with pleasant flow and tears of laugh divert your attention from logical loops. Friendship remains Friendship until the end is the most convincing message that differs Brochevaruvaru Ra from other typical south Indian movies. Sree Vishnu looks confident in his role as a freaky and careless youngster. Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadharshi bring out the elements of atrocities throughout their journey with Sree Vishnu. Jhansi and Harshavardhan did their job as supporting roles. Cinematography (Sai Sriram) is well-sketched with vibrant angles and the composing of Vivek Sagar flows with the movie with even preaching scores.

Verdict: if you are a fan of comedy thrillers, then BROCHEVAREVARU RA will be a fun-filled comic adventure

Content Rating:13+

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Bingeopedia score:3/5

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