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Borgen - Political Dark Horse

Political drama genre is like the recent Manchester united signings where only few truly turn up to their potential. West wing was considered the baap of political dramas as it has set a high standard in its own turf.But Borgen sets and evolves into a deep dark political thriller.

The show starts of with The show deals with the danish Politics and how women endures the struggles and te success of being the Prime Minister. Political Dramas always have dialogues like knife slicing through the cheese,sharp and witty. Borgen Cuts directly to the chase with Characters evolving every Episode, House of cards on the contrary takes some time to up the ante gradually moving through the character backdrops and their development arcs The PM (Nyborg) has a PR Person (Kasper),Political Chanakya/goat(Bent) with whose help she navigates muddy waters.

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The Concept of free speech and media is shown from a different angle the one where even some journalist carry their ethics,rather than Shouting out blatant Lies with so called their experts, boot-licking their Donors.Katherine(Reporter) Carries a Unhinged Aura, the search for truth and the Trick for asking Right questions at the Right/wrong time.

This show is Ticking time-bomb Exploding Precisely Creating Beautiful face-offs and Impressive moments,But the line (a delicate one balancing the family and the job) takes the toll on her and its been crafted Beautifully.Another interesting Aspect is that Moral grounding inversely proportional to the Time you stay in the power. This Show plays on like a game of chess where certain sacrifices are to be made for the greater good(language an the country is different but the lie is the same!!) The Reason Why it is a must watch especially during this tough times is to steer clear of the fact Politicians leave no stone un-turned and it also eclipses the fact about the society and its blind belief in press that needs to be checked before believing a fact and spreading hatred

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"Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it with perfectly good ink and make the combination worthless"

-Milton Friedmann

Language : Danish

Availability : Going to be available on Netflix soon

Bingeopedia Rating:4.2/5

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