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BIRBAL : a Kannada investigation thriller worth your time

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

A innocent bar employee was framed for the murder of a cab driver and sent to jail.After 8 years ,an intelligent lawyer takes the case and tries to prove his innocence. Can he prove bar employee’s innocence or regret for taking a complicated case?

Directed by : MG Srinivas

cast : MG Srinivas, Rukmini vasanth, Madhusudhan rao, Sujay shastri

image credits : filmicompanion.in

First, a bit of spoilers. The cab driver, who is a police informer is killed in the opening scene. To close the case quickly, an innocent bar employee was framed .The film is narrated interestingly from four perspectives. Each perspective reveals the twist.Later a witty lawyer takes up the case after eight years.Why he took up the case and if he could solve the mystery forms the rest of the story.

The movie is a bit lengthy for a suspense thriller though twists are place every now and there.However a satisfying climax makes us forget the length and leave you contented.The film is very well connected to the 15th century poet, Birbal and it is all about finding the vajramuni.

Why You should watch : The movie clearly shows the detailed investigation process from different angles.The plot never goes out of the film and timely placement of twists keeps you engaged and wait for what’s next. The twist in the end is good enough to forget the lags in the movie.The casting is very well suited

What could have been better : The length of the movie could be short and the screen play could have been more grippy. Too much technology and research has been used which you may feel exhausted after some point. The portions between the hero and heroine slows down the movie a bit, and could have been trimmed.

Verdict : A slow paced thriller, meticulously planned and executed well. Watch it for a different experience

Content rating : 16+ (Can be watched with your family)

Where to watch : Amazon prime

Bingeopedia score : 3/5

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