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Big Mouth- Review. An adolescent Sitcom cartoon for adults.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

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Everyone will accept that they had an embarrassing time during puberty. Do you all ever wonder having a companion to help you during the period? How about the companion be a monster? Not an evil one a joyful maniac, stoner type. Sound’s fun right. The creator’s Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg and Jennifer Flackett made a marvellous job in depicting the puberty world of us all with the help of this Hormone Monsters. As the title implies a person who tells things that shouldn't be told in public. But how the Creators have given a different meaning to the Word. Let's review it.

Some may feel the depiction of puberty and the graphics are gross and disturbing “haahum’ (Clearing the throat) the puberty cycle itself is a gross dude. This series will deal with the hormonal changes and emotional swings during adolescence. This cartoon also deals with LGBT as its more needed to know during puberty.

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In this series, you will see some toxic masculinity depiction and also the first period, first masturbation and so on whatever you all been through the time. The story revolves more often around a few characters, Andrew Glouberman a kid who had been hit by puberty so hard ( We all would have a friend of this kind) and his friend Nick Birch who’s waiting for his puberty to hit. Spoilt class clown Jay Bilzerian who lives like an animal and is mad about sex. Missie a geek who lives in a utopian dream world. Jessi Glaser a gorgeous girl with a bad family situation and Mathew a proud gay guy in the school.

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Each character has their own way to travel through the Puberty Journey. Andrew who doesn't know what to do and get's horny every time and makes bad moves in love. Jay who don't have a good family surrounding who need good emotional support. Take's each opportunity to get attention from his friends by making clown acts. Nick who wants to get puberty so badly but has a supportive family. His parents are very supportive of him even in his hard times. They will make you feel that you must be the same kind of parent to your children.

The characterisation of Hormone Monster and Hormone Monstress(female) is really good and it’s quirky. The Male Hormone monster Maurice was so sassy he gets the Jokes and comedy punchlines Spot on. And another old Hormone Monster Rick is Quirky and he's seeking his time tire from the service. topHarmone MOnstress. She keeps safe her peers by guiding them correctly. And her relationship with Maurice was so funny. She may seem bossy but she is great Emotional support for the Kids. Every sequence of Rick will make you laugh out loud. We can't forget the Monstress Connie the Queen B of the sitcom she portrays all the Emotions easily. Her Characterisation is simply super as a The ghost of Duke Ellington character is awesome and more comic. Note down the pop culture references which will make you understand better. Each episode is different and has some famous personalities screen presence as in Simpsons. They even got nominated for Emmy but lost to the Simpsons. This sitcom has many more topics to explore. Let's see how they are going to approach them. If you are having a hard week and want to laugh out loud at something about your past just stream this. You will know everything about puberty correctly and so you can raise your future kids or advice your relative kids. Yeah man, this show is not only about laughter it’s about life learning too. We bet you won’t stop with a single episode or a single season. Binge watch it alone or with your friends which would be ideal and would turn out to be a hell of a memory for you. "Watch it with your friends or alone. Don’t forget to suggest this to your peers."

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Verdict: A cartoon which is a hell of a fun ride for adults. Don’t miss the fun. Platform: Netflix

Bingeopedia rating: 3.25 / 5

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