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Betaal - disappointing end

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Where do we begin with betaal? Let's go in the chronological order. Betaal is a web mini series produced by SRK's red chillies entertainment starring Aahana kumra, Vineet singh, Suchitra pillai among others.

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Directed by Patrick Graham of Ghoul fame, which is not surprising since the series shares some aesthetic and thematic similarities with the same.

In betaal, a army special unit named the baaz squad is called upon to clear a naxalite insurgence in a remote village where the government is planning to reopen a tunnel and connect it to highways. But the villagers are freaking out and scream about evil and curses. So, when the squad kills some villagers in the name of naxals and open the tunnel, pandemonium erupts. Turns out, the tunnel was there to keep a battalion of British troops who are undead and controlled by their commander who has obtained powers from betaal. I say undead, because I didn't exactly understand what kind of creatures they were. They look like ghouls with vampire teeth and behave like zombies. Interesting, you may think, but not exactly. This mix match is what is wrong with this series. It kind of takes everything from lore and mixes everything which kind of con-volutes the plot. There is horror, elements of body horror, some capitalism bashing thrown in for good measure and even corrupt system references also. The same type of mixing of corruption and horror which worked so well in ghoul falls flat on its face here. Maybe Graham realizes this and concentrate more on the plot next time. The series could have worked brilliantly if only it concentrated purely on the horror genre.

But the cinematography was excellent and the music was to the point. The actors too have done their best especially vineet Singh who plays the Lieutenant Vikram in the series. I really enjoyed the first and second episodes of the series. The problem was with the final hour or so. After watching that you will only have disappointment. Everything falls predictably into place just like every other horror/zombie flick.

With the source material, they could have taken betaal as a 2 hours movie. Or they could have built a traditional series with more character exploration, because, frankly, the characters feel undercooked.

You will enjoy the first two episodes for the tension it builds, but hate the series after watching the last two episodes.

Betaal is like tossing a coin and see it land straight up? Betaal is like that. It falls squarely in the middle of the zone. You either hate it or find it good.

Available in : Netflix

Contains : body horror, creepy settings, dismembered gore, no nude scenes.

Bingeopedia rating: 2.5/5

Watch it once if you don't have anything better to do

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