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Artemis fowl review - injustice to the acclaimed novels

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Artemis fowl is a critically acclaimed novel series written by Eoin colfer. So, when a live action movie was announced, fans of the series were filled with dread, because frankly we all know how Percy Jackson turned out. And the movie was finally released on June 12th, and the fans fears were justified. The movie is dreadful. It's an incoherent mess with character arcs swinging from the Arctic to the Antarctic without any reasons whatsoever.

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In the books, Artemis fowl is a ruthless criminal mastermind teenager, who grows emotionally throughout the series, with layers and layers of depth added to his characterization gradually. In the movies, Artemis is just a young super genius, whose father has been kidnapped. In turning his character into a dud, the movie has succeeded. Atleast they could have made something good with the super genius part. But, in a couple of important scenes, Artemis is made to run like a headless chicken, which makes us think, is that how super-geniuses are supposed to look like?

The movie plot is a mess in itself. They have taken part of the plot in the first novel, introduced the second novels villain into it, and tried to make Artemis look like a victim. The screenplay could have saved the movie. But the holes in the screenplay are bigger than Mulch diggums oversized mouth. Instead of the plot revolving around the Aculos, they could have gone with the original plot in which Artemis demands a ton of gold as ransom by kidnapping a fairy.

Put in short, if you are fan of the books, don't go anywhere near the movie. If you are a fan of fiction don't go anywhere near the movie. If you are a 10 year old, you may enjoy the movie.

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Bingeopedia rating : 1.5/5

Verdict : only for kids

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