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Apex legends - the battle royale from a shooter legend

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Ever since pubg came and made the battle royale games the darling of the masses and the phenomenon that is fortnite, every major studio has been trying to make a battle royale game that can break the duopoly of these titans of the genre. Because, who will want to be not a part of the billion dollar industry that is battle royales. Well, from the owners of the titanfall universe comes a title that can very well give those two games a run for their money. Apex has introduced a number of great ideas into the battle royales that really enhances the gameplay. You can probably declare the gunplay in apex as the best across this genre. In this game, you can choose from different legends(playable characters each with their unique set of abilities, yeah I know, but u have to call them legends to play the game) the abilities of legends vary differently and each one has three unique abilities. For example the charater Bangalore three abilities are - she can move faster when under fire, she can launch a smokescreen for escape or attack and lastly she can call in an artillery strike that when used properly can wipe out a whole squad. But it's not like you can use that all the time though, each ability has a certain cooldown time before it can be used again. Then the games unique ping system which can really help when you don't want to talk during gameplay. You can just point your cursor and make the ai say what u say. And then, if uou are down means your teammates can revive you, which was such an useful option that fortnite instantly copied it (see, that's how u grow ur product, by stealing) The negatives include having no solo mode, having no mobile game or cross platforms and a bit more difficult gameplay, but that's mostly due to the high number of professional eSports players who prefer apex over other battle royales. It's also free, so is definitely worth your time for hours of nonstop fun with ur squad Available in - pc, PS4, xbox (for free) Bingeopedia rating - very good

Image credits: Respawn/EA

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