Anjaam Pathiraa - Well made engaging thriller

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Directed by : Midhun Manuel Thomas

Cast : Kunchacko boban, Unimaya Prasad, Sharaf U Dheen

ONELINER : An intelligent serial killer targets policemen and murders one by one.

Image Credits : the news minute

Anwar ,a consulting psychologist for the Kerala police jumps in and tries to find the mystery. Making a thriller movie is not so easy and that too without breaking suspense or giving clue is very difficult. But Anjaam pathiraahas done good Justice to the genre. Anjaam Pathiraa is all about a serial killer who murders policemen who are no way related. Anwar Hussain( Kunchacko Boban) who's planning to get a criminologist job in police department. He helps his friend ACP Anil Madhavan in few cases as a part of his Phd and in the same way he enters this case. A team was formed under DCP Catherine to find the Serial Killer. The killer was always one step ahead of police so police were unable to find the killer. The story behind the killer was realistic and it is realted to few real incidents. This movie is best one among the very few thriller movies in Mollywood. The second half was little slow compared to first. The cinematography and BGM was stupendous. f you're a fan of thriller movie it's a good feast for you.

For a thriller movie to succeed , the villain character must be strong . Anjaam pathiraa ticks the box right. The villain character and the justification given for killing slightly resembles to that of Ratsasan (tamil movie) .The psychological tactics used by the killer to nob the policemen is interesting and different. Police approach in handling the case and a racy screenplay keeps you at the edge of the seat. The last 5 minutes of the movie where you witness a completely unexpected climax will leave you in awe .

Verdict : A must watch thriller specially for its racy screenplay and justifying climax

Content rating : Can be Watched with family(U/A)

Where to watch : MX player

Bingeopedia score : 4/5

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