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Amazon Prime’s Time Enna Boss Review-- A huge mishit in the sitcom genre.

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Cast: Robo Shankar, Alexandar Babu, Bharath Niwas, Priya Bhavanishankar, Karunakaran, Sajnana Sarthy.

Cinematography: Murali Krishnan

Music: Madley Blues

Directed by: Super Subu.

This is a Time travel sitcom series which created a buzz after it’s trailer launch. The story revolves around Bala(Bharath) an it professional who hates being around with family and always thinks about his personal space. So Time plays a game with his life to teach him the value of family and friends. So, Due to some kind of accident done by someone somewhere, he meets 4 people from 4 different times in his toilet. The 4 people are Bharathi (Priya Bhavani Shankar) a scientist from 1975 who claims because of her research the time travel happened. Killivalavan (Robo Shankar) person belong to the Chola period nearly 10th century. Buggy (Karunakaran) an emotionless human from the future (2075). Hanna Clark (Sanjana Sarthy) Anglo Indian from 1895 who is obsessed with music and cleanliness. How Bala and the time travellers coped up with each other and whether they found a way to return to their respective time? The creator has tried to answer these questions comically.

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Using the toilet as a time travel medium is hilarious. Some sequences have worked really well. Robo Shankar and Karunakaran tried to make us laugh in most of the places. Some comical sequences are good. Referencing some people and movies are quite too much. Some references we would miss like referencing Myskin. The art department has done a beautiful job. All the set were good.

I was amused that Kavithalaya a renowned production house for producing good comical SOAPS has done a terrible job. Playing the laugh tracks in all scenes is so irritating and it’s too loud. Every 15-20 sec the track plays which makes us deviate from the scene. The same Production house has used background laughs very well back in the ’90s and 20’s in Ramani Vs Ramani the laugh was so mild which doesn’t affect the crux of the scene. The comedy in most of the scenes is too plastic. Giving Comical sound while conversing secret is so irritating. Referencing Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi was quite too much. A time travel series surely must reference science somewhere, but here, they have talked about physics only in a single episode. I don’t want long purely scientific dialogue like Sheldon Cooper in The Big bang theory. But at least a sequence in every episode would have been good. We didn’t get any glimpse of the team making the time travel device.

The emotional connection between all these characters is so vague. The director could have worked more on this part. There were so many holes in the story. We can’t get attached to the series because of the n-number of reasons. The comical act for Priya Bhavani Shankar at first it felt cute but they have overused the act. The team has overused and overcooked more jokes which is the major reason for no laugh.

Having a good comic like Alexandar babu gave more expectation but it all went in vain. He tried to make us laugh but sorry Alex this is not your turf. The cameos of Ahok Selvan and Motta Rajander was okay and it didn’t help in elevating the script. The dubbing voice for Bharat is so horrible. There are several filler dialogues which are so unwanted for the sequences.

They have given the lead for the second season but the director and writers need to put a humongous effort for correcting the mistakes in the first season. If the second come’s let’s see if they have corrected all these mistakes.

Verdict: Don’t expect much you will be disappointed for sure. Watch at your own risk.

Bingeopedia rating: 1.5 / 5

Content rating: 6+

Available on: Amazon Prime.

Image source: Republic World

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