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AGENT SAI SRINIVASA ATHREYA MOVIE REVIEW: Detective Drama with a Heavy Hearted Subject

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a 2019 Indian Detective Comedy thriller is inspired by real incidents directed by Swaroop RSJ and produced by Rahul Yadav Nakka. In earlier part of the movie one can find small fitty humors from Chichhore fame Naveen Polishetty, a detective in Nellore who runs a detective agency named FBI(one need to watch the movie to know why it is named so), which is located near the vegetable market in Nellore District.

Though he doesn’t find a nail biting cases, the methods he takes to solve those small cases are comically and logically well fitted. Naveen seamlessly confronts himself as Indian Sherlock Holmes as he believed to be possessing detective skills as Sherlock Holmes. Though sounds comical, but may be true. He teaches his assistant Sneha the skills needed to be a detective and advises her to watch the detective movies. He also teaches her do’s and don’t do’s in an Investigation. Though he is abled no one believes his ability and awards him with a big case.

The story finds a grip when Naveen came to know about a case from his friend where deadbodies are found on the railway track. Though he has an edge on the case, Police were not ready to give him this case as he’s not a reputed detective. So he starts his investigation with a small team and they shocked to many arrogant facts and information about the case. At a point in plot, the police sees a spark progress in his investigation and voluntarily handed the case to him.

The story crosses many twists and turns making one to be seated on edge until the edge of the first half. In later part of the movie, the investigation team came to know whose really are those deadbodies and why they are thrown on the railway tracks. The team removes the knot one by one sketched by the crime designer and came to know the reason of the heartlessness crime. They chose the Andhra and Tamilnadu border so that no complaints will be filed in Tamilnadu judistriction regarding Andhra Deadbodies. Hence the case will be closed as unidentified bodies. Naveen came to know that he too was victim of this well-crafted religious crime as even his mother’s deadbody was taken away under similar situation.

Personal feeling is that too much of information in a single plot makes one hard to remember the depiction of characters as too plot crosses too many one scene people. The plot relies too much on Naveen Polishetty as he himself explains each and everything as the story to progress. Too many confusing depictions in the plot diverges the audience from completely immersing in the story. screenplay by Naveen Polishetty and Swaroop RSJ picturizes Athreya as a well sketched character. Naveen Polishetty hold the story together with his humorous and emotional performance. The story brings out the religious crimes in limelight and also tells how the people are being cheated for their religious beliefs. Though a detective genre, the movie leaves one with a heavy heart.

Verdict: if you are a lover of detective movies, then watching Agent Sai Srinivasa is mandatory

Content Rating:13+

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Bingeopedia Rating: 3/5

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