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Aarya Web Series Review: A Notified Comeback

Cast: Susmita Sen

Chandrachur Singh

Sikander Kher

Namit Das and others

Direction: Ram Madhwani

Sandeep Modi

Vinod Rawat

Music: Vishal Khurana

Writers: Sandeep Srvatsava

Anu Singh Choudary

Reputed Director Ram Madhwani, who made an award-winning film like Neerja has entered into world of web series through Aarya. This hotstar special webseries ia an adaptation of a Dutch drama Penoza. Some minor changes has been made from the original version to satisfy the Bollywood viewers. Along with Sushmita Sen, Chandrachud singh has also made a inspiring comeback through Aarya. This nine-episode thriller not only adorned with some familiar faces like Namit Das, Ankur Bhatia, Sikander Kher, Vikas Kumar, Manish Chaudhary, Jayant Kripalani, Sohela Kapoor, Maya Saro, Priyasha Bhardwaj, Flora Saini, but also filled with thrill and a touch of suspense. It is said that many new faces were given opportunity in this thriller. In this series, you will experience the glimpses of the lifestyle of rich people and also the bloodshed caused for achieving their richness. Though the series contains 9 episodes of 50 minutes each, it will be worth watching 8 hours as the plot travels through a lot of twists and turns.

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Story begins with the establishment of Pharma drug company by Aarya’s husband and her brother in a legal manner. Later they decided to sell illegal drugs like heroin to witness good profit. This decision leads to dramatic twists in story and a big shocking news is awaiting for Aarya, as she found her husband dead. Whether she has traced out the people who were behind her husband’s death is what the story line is about. The story deals with ample of characters, but still the importance of each character is kept balanced and character-complex chaos was never found throughout the series.

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There is no need to debate for sushmita’s acting as everyone were aware about her ability from her past films. Even though she was kept aside from acting for a long time, her screen presence remained same. She played her role not only as caring wife and mother of three children, but also as a Business women. Though Chandrachur singh found only in limited sequences, we can feel his impact throughout the series. One can witness a progress in the acting skills of Sikhander Ker and Sohela Kapoor from their previous web shows. There may be some unnecessary and lagging shots in plot, but the pin-point execution of story overshadowed those lags.

Writing and Direction has been a talking point of the series. And the background score need a special applause as olden Bollywood songs are good to hear as they are frequently played in background. Special mention is needed for the matured performance of a six-year child who acted as a younger son of Susmita Sen. This child played a major role in helping his mother to trace out the people behind Chandrachur Singh, as the child is the only witness . The man who played as a villain played a commanding role. The major disappointment of the series is its lengthy screenplay as it demands a greater patience from viewers.

As we know that this story is an adaptation from a Dutch drama Penoza, the level of emotional and family content sequences are quite meagre. Some delicate scenes like children undertaking drugs can be avoided. Though those scenes are needed for story, they may be annoying for family viewers. This series is celebrated as Indian Ozark as similar storyline and similar treatment of characters is executed.

Verdict: If you are expecting a good story with rich production values, Bingeopedia recommends you to go for Aarya.

Content Rating: 13+

OTT Platform: Hotstar Specials

Bingeopedia Rating: 3/5

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