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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Review. A Mesmerizing teen witch tale.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Credits: NBC News

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is more or like a prequel for the “Sabrina the teenage witch’ a 1997 sitcom both these shows are based on the Archies comics of the same. As it’s a comic book adaptation the creators tried o do justification to the characters. The story revolves Sabrina Spellman A half-witch half-mortal tries to find a place in both the worlds and also tries to find the secret about herself. The story is based on Greendale (Rhymes with Riverdale right everything is an Archie comic) Sabrina lives with her Auntie Zelda and Hilda Spellman also with her cousin Ambrose who has been house arrest for generations. Sabrina’s father a famous Warlock and her mother is mortal they died in a plane crash. As a normal teenager, she goes to Baxter High School where she leads a normal life with her boyfriend Harvey Kinkel and her friends Theo Putnam and Rosalind Walker. The dark lord (Lucifer Morning star) sends his servant Lilith to monitor Sabrina ( Yeah you smelled correct there lies a potential twist)

During her 16th birthday, she needs to the Book of the Dark Lord so she has to give up her mortal life and need to lead the witch life. Did she leave her mortal life? Did she becomes a witch? Did she got admitted at the Academy of unseen arts? Did she found who she is? These are the major question in season 1. Season 2 has more magic, twist and good character arc developments and the change in character shades so on. A lot of new monsters, apocalypse and the ultimate involvement of the dark lord in person. More witchcraft spells all over the season. The cliffhanger end is good. Whether Sabrina found about her birth? Did she get whatever is destined for her? Did she save her friends and kin? Did she stop the Darklord? The season three was a kind of rollercoaster ride because of some miss-hits but the finale was quite satisfying. And it left us with a lot of questions and loopholes. So let’s wait for the Fourth season which is planned to be released at the end of this year. We don’t wanna spill any info about the season 3. We leave it to you to have your opinion. We will write about the season 3 after the season 4 trailer released

The production house pulled a good job of getting the good output. The depiction of the Academy of Mystic arts was lit. The magic battles and monsters were really cool it will definitely give you chills. All the cast are very well picked and trained all the character played well. Especially Kiernan Shipka such a doll pulled the roll very well. We are so sure you will follow all the leads in social media handles. Girls will have a crush on Gavin Leatherwood (Nicholas scratch) and Ross Lynch ( Harvey Kinkle).

If you like magic, witchcrafts and you are Potterhead just go for it. A normal fantasy lover can also try this we bet you won’t get a bad experience. As it’s a teen drama there are off bits(It’s a teen drama what else can you expect).

Verdict: A beautiful teen witch with a lot of cunningness will easily mesmerise you.

Total no of episodes: 28 (Till now)

Platform: Netflix.

Bingeopedia Rating: 2.75 / 5

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