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47 days review: A suspense thriller without suspense and Thrilling Elements

Cast: Sathtadev, Srikant Ayengar,Ravi Varma,Pooja Jhaveri , Roshini Prakash

Director: Pradeep Maddali

Written by: Pradeep Maddali

Music:Raghu Kunche


Edited by: SR Sekhar

SathyaDev and Roshini Prakash played the lead role in the intense thriller 47 days written and directed by Pradeep Maddali. The film is planned to hit the screens in this summer but OTT release is what it gets. This movie is available on ZEE5. Whether this so called suspense thriller is really filled with suspense elements? This movie really satisfied thrill-loving fans? Let get into the plus and minus of this thriller

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Sathya ,a new joined IPS lost his wife (Roshini Prakash)in a suicide. SatyaDev, thinking of her gone to depression and he got awarded with a suspension. During his suspension, he came to know about the suicide of Srinivas(a businessman) under similar circumstances as his wife. The case was taken by his friend Ravi but SathyaDev doubts that these two cases may be interconnected as he saw same tatoo in both Roshini Prakash and Srinivas hands(may be a reference from a girl with a Dragon Tatoo). But he was not able to proceed forward as he is in suspension. A unknown girl Juliet (Pooja Javeri) plays as a bridge between these two cases. Whether the link between is found is what the story is about.

SathyaDev , a promising actor who shows his classic performance in “Brochevarevaru ra” once again proves his versatility as he shows good variations in two different timelines and one can feel the pain behind his emotional expressions as he was not able to come out of his wife’s suicide. Still the screenplay remains unconvincing as the reason for both suicides looks unnatural. The role played by Juliet (Pooja Javeri) doesn’t seem to look any progress in the story.

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The music played by Raghu kanche doesn’t seem to please any audience as both songs and BGM score doesn’t support the movie in anyway. the locational visualities of Vizag is shown beautifully by the cinematography of RK is talked to be major plus of the movie. The movie begins with a thriller not but as it progresses, the movie become shaggy with slow screenplay, unwanted twists, overacting of some characters. The base of the story is too unconvincing(one can understand, once u watch it)

Some shots look too repeated as we may come across those in many previous thrillers and also from many hollywood movies. SathyaDev done his job, Roshini Prakash’s small role looks good, but these elements doesn’t pull the audience in the story as the plot is too weak. Skipping some scenes like apartment owner unwanted argument with sathyadev, chasing scenes between Juliet and Sathya and some school scenes may catch some pace in movie as these scenes look too unwanted . As a whole, this movie doesn’t add to the list of nail staggering thrillers which the telugu film industry witnessed in past couple of years.

Verdict: If you are a thrill-lover with good patience, Bingeopedia recommends you to try “47 days

Content Rating:13+

OTT platform: ZEE5

Bingeopedia Rating: 2/5:

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