Ethics statement

We are operating under a strict ethics policy that ensures our editorial independence and governs us in the content we produce. All our editorial team strictly adhere to this policy and follow the guidelines. Earning and keeping the trust our audience is at the core of Bingeopedia’s vision and mission.

Our code of conduct

  • We don’t accept things of value from companies or from their PR firms

  • We do not accept preconditions for coverage of a story that require us to say certain things

  • We do not give subjects of our reporting the ability to preview or approve interview questions, nor do we allow them to review our stories before we publish

  • We do not allow reporters to cover people or companies where they have a personal conflict

  • We do not make paid endorsements of any kind

  • We do not personally invest in companies we cover

  • Our editorial team does not produce paid content, ever

Our policy against receiving anything of value from companies we cover includes, but is not limited to, things like gifts, meals, discounted services, or paid trips and junkets

Our editorial teams do not directly accept money or other consideration from individuals or entities as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favourable or unfavourable. However, some of our editorial content is made possible through the support of sponsors. This content is clearly marked as content "Presented" by the applicable sponsor. Our sponsors may select which content they wish to support, however, we don’t allow our sponsors to control or interfere with the integrity of our editorial teams and the content they create.

Corrections and updates

Despite making every effort to be accurate in our reporting, sometimes we get something wrong. If we discover a mistake in a story, our editors will promptly issue a correction that removes the inaccurate information and adds a notice of correction that explains the error. Sometimes more information about a story we’ve published becomes available that either continues the narrative or clarifies the original story, but it is not a correction. In these cases, we may add and / or change elements of the original story. These updates will be clearly noted at the bottom of the story, indicating the time of the change and a note describing what was changed.

Additionally, we may remove content if we believe it infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party, otherwise violates any third-party rights, or breaches any applicable law or regulation.


Advising our audience about the best way to spend their time and money is one of our most important responsibilities. Our reviews always contain the honest, independent assessments of our editorial team. Like everything else we publish, there are no paid-for reviews of any kind written by Bingeopedia’s editorial team.


We’re always interested in hearing from you if you have a concern about our ethical standards. If you see something that doesn’t look right on Bingeopedia, please let us know.

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